Ready to Join the Brain Injury Clubhouse Movement?

We would love to have you! Get started by completing the application form below. Once a membership application is submitted, an IBICA representative will follow up to answer questions and provide an invoice for payment of membership dues. If you are joining as a new or developing clubhouse, you will be asked to uphold the IBICA Clubhouse Standards as a part of the membership application process. You can view the standards here. 

IBICA Membership Application

$ 0.00

IBICA Membership Levels

Clubhouse Membership: $300/Year  For ABI Clubhouses pledging to uphold the IBICA Clubhouse Standards.

Developing Clubhouse Membership: $150/Year  Available for the the first year of IBICA membership. Membership Fee is waived if New Clubhouse Development Training is attended within the year.

Individual/Family Membership: $100/Year  For interested individuals and family members.

Organizational Membership: $100/Year  For non-Clubhouse organizations

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to a solid support system of seasoned brain injury clubhouse directors for mentorship, resource sharing, support for administrative duties, and consultation
  • Training, education, and collaborative generation of ideas provided by attending the annual IBICA conference
  • Manageable annual dues and low costs associated with attending the annual IBICA conference
  • Opportunity to be involved in research, outcomes-related data collection, and other grant supported projects
  • Legitimacy of belonging to an international organization including partnership in broad advocacy efforts for brain injury survivors and their caregivers
  • Support received for quality assurance, program evaluation and Clubhouse standards compliance including assistance when preparing for CARF accreditation
  • Exposure and referrals provided through the IBICA website listing
  • Ongoing collaboration for program evaluation tools, quality assurance, and development of sound policies and procedures including preparation for CARF survey