Seven Hills NeuroCare Brain Injury Clubhouse

Clubhouse Street Address
589 South 1st Street
New Bedford
Clubhouse ZIP Code
Clubhouse Country
Clubhouse Website Address
Clubhouse Phone Number
(508) 992-0367
Contact Name
Jonathan Worcester
Vice President
Contact Phone Number
(508) 320-4991
Clubhouse Affiliation
Affiliated with Auspice Agency
Auspice Agency
Seven Hills NeuroCare
Clubhouse Work Units:

Public Relations & Outreach
Facilities Maintenance
Culinary Services
Membership Services
Administration/Quality Management

Services Offered Through the Clubhouse
Employee Development, Avocational Placement/Coaching, Supported Employment, Social Activities: Within Work-Ordered Day, Social Activities: Evening/Weekends, Life Skills Training/Coaching, Health and Wellness: In-House, Health and Wellness: Community, Supportive Housing
Other Services Provided:
MassHealth HCBS Waiver Provider