Seven Hills NeuroCare Brain Injury Clubhouse

Seven Hills NeuroCare Brain Injury Clubhouse
Clubhouse Street Address
589 South 1st Street
New Bedford
Clubhouse ZIP Code
Clubhouse Country
Clubhouse Website Address
Clubhouse Phone Number
(508) 992-0367
Contact Name
Jennifer Adams
Vice President
Contact Phone Number
(508) 315-7455
Clubhouse Affiliation
Affiliated with Auspice Agency
Auspice Agency
Seven Hills NeuroCare
Clubhouse Work Units:

Public Relations & Outreach
Facilities Maintenance
Culinary Services
Membership Services
Administration/Quality Management

Services Offered Through the Clubhouse
Employee Development, Avocational Placement/Coaching, Supported Employment, Social Activities: Within Work-Ordered Day, Social Activities: Evening/Weekends, Life Skills Training/Coaching, Health and Wellness: In-House, Health and Wellness: Community, Supportive Housing
Other Services Provided:
MassHealth HCBS Waiver Provider