Opportunity Project Clubhouse

Opportunity Project Clubhouse
Clubhouse Name: Opportunity Project Clubhouse
Clubhouse Street Address: 60 E. Willow Street
Clubhouse ZIP Code: 07041
Clubhouse Country: United States
Clubhouse Website Address: http://www.opportunityproject.org
Clubhouse Phone Number: (973) 921-1000
Clubhouse Fax: (973) 921-2007
Contact Name: Rebecca Gallanter
Executive Director
Clubhouse Affiliation: Stand-alone 501(c)3
Auspice Agency: Partnered with Children’s Specialized Hospital
Clubhouse Work Units::

Vocational Unit
Occupational Therapy Unit
Cognitive Skills Unit
Nutritional Unit

Services Offered Through the Clubhouse: Employment: Evaluation, Employee Development, Job Coaching, Avocational Placement/Coaching, Supported Employment, Social Activities: Within Work-Ordered Day, Life Skills Training/Coaching, Health and Wellness: In-House, Health and Wellness: Community
Other Services Provided:: Occupational Therapy, Nutrition Counseling, Cognitive Skills Development, Community Integration Skills, Vocational Follow-Along

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