ADAPT Clubhouse

ADAPT Clubhouse
Clubhouse Name: ADAPT Clubhouse
Clubhouse Street Address: 4100 Mohawk Lane
Clubhouse ZIP Code: 22309
Clubhouse Country: United States
Clubhouse Website Address:
Clubhouse Phone Number: (703) 799-9410
Clubhouse Fax: (703) 799-1295
Contact Name: Dyanna Citizen
ADAPT Clubhouse Manager
Clubhouse Affiliation: Affiliated with Auspice Agency
Auspice Agency: Brain Injury Services
Auspice Agency Contact Phone Number: (703) 451-8881
8136 Old Keene Mill Road
Auspice Agency State: VA
Auspice Agency Zip Code: 22152
United States
Clubhouse Work Units::

Communications Unit
Kitchen Unit
Garden Unit

Services Offered Through the Clubhouse: Employment: Evaluation, Employee Development, Social Activities: Within Work-Ordered Day, Life Skills Training/Coaching, Health and Wellness: In-House, Health and Wellness: Community